NM Classic was born of passion and love for bringing classic car gems back to their full glory! We are committed to each project with all our heart! Years of being around classic cars resulted in gaining experience and readiness to work on even the most demanding projects. We’re not afraid of the present, so we use the best available modern technologies. Upon the clients request we can modernize a classic car to contemporary standards.

We do have in mind, that each project is different and requires an individual approach. We start a project by detailed examination and determining what needs to be done in the face of clients expectations. We make an initial plan of necessary works, which need to be done as well as the optional work. Naturally disassembling the car often verifies the initial plans – we are however ready to face all, even the most unprecedented challenges

We offer full restorations as well as just service works.

We provide full project handling from the start all the way to the final acceptance of the work by the client.

Please see our offer and previous restorations.