• Made in 1981
  • 4 cylinder F10A Engine, 1 liter capacity, powered by a Mikuni carburetor.
  • Manual 4 gear transmission

The car came to us after staying put for 15 years. It required sheet metal work and putting on a new layer of paint and protective coats.

The rims were visually renewed.

We’ve regenerated the braking system. This procedure required making new parts like the brake piston of the brake caliper, because the original parts are not available for sale.

New brake blocks and shoes were installed.

Verification of the engine’s technical state. We’ve done necessary adjustments and got rid of leakage. The carburetor was taken apart to pieces, and cleaned in a professional ultrasonic cleaner.

Disassembling and renovating of the gearbox

Verification of the suspension and repairing all defects

Repairing all defects in the wiring system