• Made in 1966
  • B18 engine: 4 cylinder straight engine, with two SU carburettors.
  • 4 gear manual transmission.

We’ve done necessary sheet metal work. The doors, door sills, rear fenders, rear panels, floor – were sheathed with new elements.

A new paint and protective coats were applied and the body was polished.
The mechanical repairs included taking the engine out from the bay, verifying the condition of the drive unit, regenerating the head by grinding and running-in the valve seats and valves, as well as levelling the surface.

We’ve made measurements of piston and cylinder fitting with verifying the condition of the bearing. A set of gaskets were changed. The carburettors were regenerated and setup. The engine and hardware were visually renewed.

The suspension had all the necessary elemets changed, such as: springs, shock absorbers, ruber bushings.

The condition of the braking system was checked and all defects were removed.

Upon our clients request, we’ve checked the wiring system, as well as putting additional lights – front halogen lights, which required additional wiring.
The adjustment of the voltage adjuster solved the detected problems with the battery charging.